Weapon Passives

Weapon Passive abilities can be learned when you upgrade a 5★ weapon to its highest form, i.e. Upgrading it with three duplicates.

Here are the Weapon Passives from the current pool of 5★ weapons, courtesy of CareerSMN on reddit:

  • WoL – Shine Shield target’s BRV is increased by 50% of initial BRV
  • Cloud – Cross Slash BRV dmg up and paralysis chance up
  • Tifa – Beat Rush damage up plus increased chance and duration increase for Attack Power down
  • Vivi – Fire damage up
  • Hope – When using Shell, increase self Attack Power by a small amount for 3 turns.
  • Sazh – Aim damage up and self damage up buff duration increase, when Aim’s weakening effect is applied, additionally grant Defense Power up for 4 turns
  • Y’shtola – Stone damage up and target Defense Power down for 1 turn
  • Cure – Cure’s HP recovery increase
  • Cecil – Darkness damage up and self increase MAX BRV for 2 turns
  • Zidane – Stellar Circle 5 damage up and increased chance for Mug Speed, increased duration for Mug Speed
  • Vaan – Red Spiral BRV dmg up and increased duration for Attack Power up
  • Yda – Collapse BRV damage up + Attack Up/Speed Up duration increased
  • Edge – Raigeki damage up
  • Bartz – Dual Wielding damage up and further increased damage up when Dual Wielding+
  • Yuffie – When using Take, increase self MAX BRV for 1 turn
  • Yuna – Esuna is a party effect
  • King – Quick Barret damage up and self small Attack Power up for 1 turn
  • Onion Knight – Blitz Combo damage up and grant Sage II power up
  • Yang – Kick BRV damage up and increased HP damage to non-targetted enemies
  • Terra/Tina – Meltdown Chant damage up duration increased, when using Meltdown+ self BRV increased by 1.2x and increased Defense down duration
  • Penelo – Haste Rumba action cost down, increased Speed up duration and grant allies small Attack Power up for 4 actions
  • Firion – Blood Weapon BRV damage up and increased HP recovery effect
  • Shadow – When using Silent Beat, increase self BRV by 1.4x and Attack Power up duration increase
  • Laguna – Grenade damage up and increased duration for Defense down
  • Steiner – Power Break (IX) BRV damage up and increased duration and increased chance of Defense down