Upcoming Updates – February


Here’s what to expect in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia over the next few days.

First Event – Squall

Event will be from 6/2 – 15/2

Challenge the highest difficulty and stand a chance to get a Squall Exclusive Belt:

Defense 255
Added Stats Initial BRV + 50
Attack power + 100


Note: It is said that the Stats for Zidane and Tifa will be increased for this event. It would be good to start training them now!

Upcoming Event – Vanille and Setzer

Vanille and Setzer will also be introduced in an event similar to Squall’s in February.

Sapporo Snow Festival

A gigantic Snow statue of Cloud and Sephiroth will be exhibited at the “Sapporo Snow Festival” To celebrate this event, login on February 6 to receive 1000 Gems.


The Co-op function for 3 Players is under development. It seems that there will not be any live chat system but Players can communicate through Stamps/Emotes, and pre-recorded short messages.




  1. Lol good that are tifa and zidane in my main party :D. but i kick now hope out and train cloud as replace . in ffxiii hop is the best mage in dissidia hes is too weak .


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