The Dragon of Death [Co-op]


New co-op quest is here!

The new co-op require Players to accumulate score to unlock rewards! The good news is that even if you’re “leeching” other Player’s Bells, you will also gain points!

Period: 16/2 – 26/2

Event Missions

Score Reward
20,000 Gems x 100
Relic of All Knowledge x 1
4* Higher Guard Orb x 10
200,000 Draw Ticket x 2
300,000 Gems x 100
400,000 Gil x 10,000
4* Higher Power Orb x 10
600,000 Gems x 100
Relic of All Knowledge x 2
800,000 Gil x 10,000
1,000,000 Draw Ticket x 2


Battles Experience Gil Difficulty SP
3 297 348 lv 50
Mission 2000P Rewards
Don’t Die Gem x 50
Clear within 80 Actions Gem x 50
Take 9000 or Less HP Damage Gem x 50
Monsters Sand Worm, Flame Flan, Goblin Mage, Skull Dragon
Clear Quest Gil x 6000
Complete Quest Draw Ticket x 1


Battle 1 

Enemies Sand Worm x 1
Attack Pattern Effect
Gravity Spin
Charges BRV to 50% of target’s HP and deals HP Attack
Bullet Tornado ST BRV Attack
ST SPD Down, can use even not during its turn


Sand Worm will almost always begin the Battle first with Gravity Spin which charges its HP attack to 50% of its target HP. Make sure you keep its BRV low throughout the rest of the battle to prevent more Gravity Spin

Battle 2 

Enemies Flame Flan x 2, Goblin Mage x 1


Battle 3

Enemies Skull Dragon
Attack Pattern Effect
Normal Attack ST Attack
Ancient Power
Use when HP below 50%
Crushing Fang
3 Hit BRV ATK ~ 8-9k


  • Chain your Summons to prevent Skull Dragon from casting Ancient Power at below 50% HP
  • Crushing Fang can be used together with Ancient Power. However, since the BRV damage is so high, its impossible to avoid getting Break.
  • As per other Co-op bosses, just chain your Summons and this should be an easy fight.


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