Leveling Guide

Leveling in DFFOO is a chore as the game does not have an energy system. Players are expected to grind hard like how you would in a normal Final Fantasy game.

The following guide is based on my own game experience. If you have a better route to share, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll test them out.

Chapter Maps


Chapter  Exp Recommended Level Notes
1-2 (HM) 130 20-30 – After completing the game on Normal for the first time, you’ll want to come here and quickly get your main party to level 30
– Also, this is a good place to level your newer characters to level 10, so that you can proceed to the next map
2-12 (HM) 254 30-40 This is my favourite map as it drops a lot of Shards to rank up your characters
Chap 2 – Ominous Shrine Ruins Pt. 2 266 30-40 You’ll only be fighting Bombs and Goblins here, fastest way to level
5-5 (HM) 416 40-50 High Exp and chance to drop shard
5-9 (HM) 420 40-50 Highest Exp and chance to drop shard
Quick Battle
6-11 (HM)
280 1-50 Takes about 30 – 60 seconds to finish 2 battles.

Recommended Levels are only for reference, if you’re bringing “carry” characters, you can proceed on to the next map.

Gil Dungeon

Why is this here? Surprisingly, the Gil Dungeon is not only the best place to farm Gil, it also gives a decent amount of EXP and it drops Shards to upgrade your character’s Rank. Use the “Star Boost” which gives x2 EXP, Gil and Drops when farming this Dungeon.

Rank Level

Your Rank Level is determined by the total levels of all your characters. To level it fast, you will need to level up all your lower level characters (as they are easier to level up).