Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia English Guide


Square Enix has announced that they will be launching Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia on the 1st of February 2017 which is only a few hours from now. Players who are interested can now download the game from Japan’s App and Play Store.

Since the game will only be launched in Japan first, we here at Kongbakpao, will be working hard to translate some of the more important game information for the Players! Hopefully, the game will be great and Square Enix will consider bringing the game to the west in about 6-12 months time.

Android Link
iOS Link

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  1. Hi,

    just wondering is it me or what. Everytime I try to enter the last boss fight in Area 5, it keeps crashes?
    anybody experience this too?

    • I have this same issue’ I tried reinstalling the app; same issue. I backed up the game data using the Square Enix account link, installed it on an iPad, and it still crashes when starting the last boss of chapter 5.

    • Most of the 3rd objectives require certain character to be in the party to unlock. Just look at the words and try matching it to a character name. If the 3rd requirement has a number, i assume that means how many characters u need to keep alive. (I cant read JAP myself but if u just do some trial & error, it should work out.)

      • As for the gates. Each gate has a requirement before u can open it. Basically if it does not open, try look around the map to see if u missed anything like a battle, skit or any objectives within a mission. If u done, the gate will open automatically.

    • Sadly when the gates disappear, I can’t go back abd check. But the gates at area 4, there 3 different gates that yet to unlock depite me completing every other mission and objectives so i check 1 and there a number. So i just did a few more battles according to the number and it unlock.

    • On one of the gates there a number that counts upto 20 or 2X somthing. Basically i just did a few battles accrording to the number in that area. (i did a mini-boss so it may be a different objective.) once that gate opens, this will allow the other 2 paths to open when the new objectives are completed.

  2. So I got to 4-15 and now I can’t play any of the missions, some error box pops up every time I hit the button to actually launch the mission.

    • that was because ur inventory is full,try to sell some

      have anyone know what was 3rd quest at hard mode in the game? the reward was 15colored stone


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