Crystals are needed to raise the Ranks of your characters. Unlike levels which raises your basic 5 stats, increasing your Ranks will give a huge bonus to 1 stat. Also, at every 5 levels, you’ll be able to upgrade and enhance your skill or, learn a new skill.

Daily Dungeon

The Shard Daily Dungeon will rotate from Monday to Saturday. However, Players can only enter the dungeon 10 times per day for free.

To efficiently farm shards, you will need to buy a key to unlock the specific coloured dungeon for 30 minutes using Dissidia Points. You can enter as many times as you want within this 30 minutes.

You’ll want to maximize your farming time by using Book of Treasures which will enable 2x drop rate. You can get the book by buying from the Item Shop, Quest, or Gifts.

Item Shop Items:

  1. Gear Slots – 100 Gems
  2. Relic of All Knowledge – 250 Gems
  3. Book of Treasure – 100 Gems
  4. Book of Fortune – 100 Gems
  5. Book of Training – 100 Gems