Rankings are subject to current weapons available, events, meta, and your opinions. I will update this list whenever there’s a big Meta change.

Unit Series Role Rating
Cloud FF7 Physical SSS
Squall FF8 Physical SSS
Vaan FF12 Physical / Magic SS
Terra FF6 Physical / Magic SS
Zidane FF9 Physical / BRV SS
Yda FF14 Physical SS
Eiko FF9 Magic / Support SS
Yuna FF10 Magic / Support SS
Bartz FF5 Physical / BRV SS
Shantotto FF5 Magic / Debuff SS
Warrior of Light FF1 Physical / Tank S
Vivi FF9 Magic S
Y’shtola FF14 Magic / Support S
Penelo FF12 Physical / Support S
Cecil FF4 Physical A
Vanille FF13 Magic / Dispel A
Rem FF-Type0 Physical / Healer A
Onion Knight FF3 Physical / Magic A
Firion FF2 Physical / Range A
Laguna FF8 Range /AOE / Debuffer A
Steiner FF9 Physical A
Edge FF4 Physical / Magic B
Hope FF13 Range / Buffer B
Setzer FF6 Range / CC B
Wakka FF10 Range / Debuffer B
King FF-Type0 Range C
Galuf FF-Type0 Tank C
Tifa FF7 Physical / Debuffer D
Yuffie FF7 Range / Debuffer D
Sazh FF13 Range / Buffer E
Yang FF4 Physical E
Shadow FF6 Useless no matter which game F


I have a personal score for each character

SSS: 96-100
SS: 90-95
S: 85-89
A: 80-84
B: 70-79
C: 60-69
D: 50-59
E: 30-49
F: Below 29