Carbuncle’s Treasure


The first World of Illusions event is here and this should be a rotational one. This is a good place to farm your Crystals and Orbs to power up your character and weapons respectively.

Before I start, do note that most events in the World of Illusions require Stamina Points. The amount of Stamina Points that you have is the same as your Rank level. Rank Level is determined by the average level of ALL your characters. To level Rank fast, just concentrate on leveling all the lower level characters.

Carbuncle’s Treasure

Total Gems 600
Treasures Book of Treasure × 1
Book of Training × 1
Total Gil 15000 Gil


Recommended Setup

Since some of the Monsters are resistant to Physical Attacks, it will be great to include Range or Magic characters in your setup.

Cloud, Vivi, Vaan, Y’shtola


Map SP EXP Drops
Crystal Spring Pt 1 10 334 Shard, Crystal
Crystal Spring Pt 2 20 723 Shard, Crystal, Cluster
Crystal Spring Pt 3 30 1157 Crystal, Cluster
Orb Spring Pt 1 10 206
Power Orb, Guard Orb (2-3*)
Orb Spring Pt 2 20 413
Power Orb, Guard Orb (2-4*)
Orb Spring Pt 3 30 456
Power Orb, Guard Orb (3-4*)


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