Battle System

If you had played the original Dissidia Final Fantasy game before, you’ll most probably be familiar with the Brave System. The only difference is that the original DFF game is in real-time combat while DFFOO is a turn-based game.

Brave System

The objective of the game is to use Brave(BRV) attacks to remove the enemy’s BRV so that it’ll be added on to your own BRV. Each character has his/her own maximum BRV stat which can be increased either by leveling up or equipping better items. You cannot store and exceed your BRV value more than your maximum BRV thus you’ll need to expand them by using HP Attacks.

In other words, by charging up your BRV value, you will be able to deal more HP damage to the enemies.

HP Attack

HP Attacks are to reduce the enemy’s HP which in turn, kills them. The number of damage you dish out from your HP Attacks is based on the amount of BRVs you accumulated. The idea is to store as much BRV as your maximum value can hold and use your HP Attacks to finish off the enemy.

Note: Whenever a unit uses up his/her BRV, the enemy is more likely to target him/her. It’ll be wise to check of the enemy’s next target is on that particular character before using your HP ATK. 

Brave Break

Another way to increase your party’s BRV is through Brave Break. When an enemy’s BRV reaches below 0 (by your BRV Attack), some bonus BRV will be added to all your party members. When you’re fighting multiple enemies, it is good to Break them all first so that the BRV bonus can stack up faster.


After attacking a single target for multiple times, there’s a chance where you’ll trigger a “Pursuit” (picture above). During the “Pursuit”, Players can deal more damage to the enemy. Furthermore, if your party members are next in line to attack, you can trigger a chain pursuit where you can chain your attacks on the enemy to deal even more bonus damage.


You can summon Eidolons by slowly filling up the Summon gauge through combat. Summons allows you to increase your max BRV for a few turns and other effects based on which Eidolon you equipped. At launch, there are 6 Eidolons for players to unlock; Chocobo, Siren, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh and Odin.